Should I start a garden?

We are often afraid. Afraid of starting something we can’t finish or something we are completely in the dark in, but looking back on those times that I was completely out of my comfort zone I can confidently say that I don’t regret it. However, those times when I chickened out I come back to in my memories and often wonder if it would impact me in anyway if I had just did what I wanted to do in the beginning. So if you’re between two minds I would strongly encourage you to start your garden in a small way.

Adopting a rabbit opened my eyes to the quality of life I was providing just by judging the food I was giving her, it made me do my own research on the supermarket produce and I would highly recommend that you do so too! I made the decision that what my family and I eat is important. But then I hit the roadblocks and it was so easy to quit, it’s hard for us humans to get out of the habit that we are so used to doing, I would be the first to admit this! I have a never ending string of commitments I didn’t follow through on but I’m breaking my mold publicly and would like to document my journey to growing food from home. This quote I believe sums this up perfectly.

I am often told, “it is cheaper to buy fruits and vegetables than to raise them.” I have nothing to say in reply. There are so many cheap things we can have. Experience had proved that one of the best things we can have is a garden, either to work in or to visit daily when the season permits. We have but one life to live here , and to get the cheapest things out of it is rather poor ambition.

E.P Roe The Home Acre
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Angel Insight1010
July 13, 2020

It is definitely not cheap but so gratifying. I’ve had plants die with no fruit action but not giving up on trying to build my garden is what I’m focused on. Help me Gaia! ????????????

    July 18, 2020

    I completely agree, it’s a very steep upfront cost but in the long run it will be well worth the investment, I’m working on some future blog posts on beginner gardening so please keep posted!

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